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Your Donation Will Last a Lifetime!

We are a non-profit organization which sources Native and Naturalized seeds. Your donation, whether $5 or $50 dollars, will grow exponentially. It’s what plants do.

About Us

Our Beliefs

Our goal at Ark, is to provide a sanctuary for native pollinators, plants, and birds, by using otherwise unused land in our own backyards. If each person in the United States dedicated half of their lawn-space to native flora and fauna, that’s over 20 MILLION acres of habitat. No irrigation, pesticides, or herbicide required.

This is more than just habitat for birds and bees. As we continue to grow, we strive to implement habitat restoration services for human beings as well. Teaching people how to grow their own food, achieve energy independence, and providing financial consultation for environmental services.

How You Can Help


Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our one-click donation. No contribution is too small or too big! Every little bit counts.


Regardless of skill level or experience, From sorting out seed pods, to cutting down invasive trees, we need all the help we can get! Whether you’re a zoomer with a thousand followers, or a boomer with a thousand stories, mother nature needs all hands on deck.

Got Land?

At 40 million acres, the American lawn is the most irrigated crop in the United States. Water is a limited resource. States like California are already beginning to feel the effects. With irrigation costs becoming more expensive every year, native landscapes provide a viable option to reduce water use. Whether you have a large acreage, or even just small lawn, we can help.